Can you tell your therapist anything?

The mind is a beautiful place, holding cherished memories and prized ideas. But when you experience a mental health disorder, it can become a troubling place. Taking the initial step to see a therapist is hard, but sharing all your thoughts and emotions can be challenging too. You may start to wonder if you can tell your therapist everything and if you can trust them.

What can you tell your therapist?

The hope is you tell them anything and everything. Sharing as much as possible with your therapist is a good thing; remember that they are here to help you. You can also share your unwanted thoughts; they are trained to handle them. The pleasant and unpleasant form your psyche; the therapist must hear it all.

Everything you tell a therapist is confidential. There is a strict code and laws to enforce confidentiality. The only caveat is if the therapist believes you are a danger to yourself or others. The therapist can only follow set protocols and inform a third party in those circumstances. Confidentiality will be one of the things your therapist will explain to you during your intake session. If you have questions about it, you can bring it up anytime.

What you can’t share with your therapist?

Typically, there’s nothing you can’t discuss with your therapist. All your secrets, thoughts, and emotions are confidential. Everything stays between you and the therapist.

Due to the professional code and binding laws that your therapist abides by, you can disclose information that’s hard to share. The success of your therapeutic relationships depends on you being open and candid.

A therapist is there to help you. But they must be able to understand you first; that’s why sharing as much as you can is critical. If you need a therapist, call Lighthouse Health now.

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