What is my therapist writing down

Therapy sessions involve a lot of prying by the therapists and you talking. You will tell stories, express emotions, and define your thoughts as you talk. It’s a lot of information, which the therapist has to document. But as you sit there, you may wonder what the therapist is writing.

Why therapists need to take notes

Most therapists take notes during the first couple of sessions. These are the sessions where you will be detailing your history, reasons for taking therapy, or current mental state. The therapist may need that for later reference.

Some therapy methods, like the CBT variety, rely on note-taking. So the therapist may be following a methodology.

Therapy sessions can be intense, and therapists need the notepad to anchor themselves. Remember, they are human and need to process what you tell them, especially if it’s traumatic.

What is my therapist writing down

Therapy sessions carry a lot of information. The therapist needs to document everything you express for analysis, diagnosis, and sometimes reference. As you talk, you may think a memory, thought, or feeling isn’t significant, but the therapist may differ. It’s all connected, and the therapist must pluck out notable points.

The notes represent the therapist’s opinion of what they heard. The notes contain writing, pictures, and models. All of which helps the therapist conceptualize and process what they hear. 

As a patient, you have the right to view official records like session information, diagnosis, treatment plans, structured notes, and diagnostic assessments. But the therapist’s notes are not part of the official record. You may request to see the therapist’s note, but they are allowed to decline. A therapist may want you to avoid seeing the notes for professional reasons.

You need not worry; your privacy and dignity are always respected. Contact the LightHouse Health Group team if you’d like to start taking therapy sessions.

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